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The Mosaic Principle

The Mosaic Principle

The Six Dimensions of a Remarkable Life and Career
1st Edition
November 2016
Not Yet Published
Hardcover · 352 Pages
$27.99 U.S. · $36.50 CAN · €21.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781610395564


The pressures of modern society have pushed us toward deeper specialization in our lives and careers. Our narrow expertise means we are increasingly isolated from those different from us, which fosters tension and conflict — think of business people and government officials who distrust each other, or police officers who struggle to operate in minority communities. We've been pushed into self-defining cocoons from which it is difficult to break out, and we lack the coping skills for succeeding in an ever-changing, more complex, and diverse world. Nick Lovegrove conveys both a compelling vision and a pragmatic path out of this contemporary trap. Through vivid portraits of those who get it right, such as Paul Farmer, the physician whose broad-minded approach brings health and hope to the world's poorest people, and those who get it deeply wrong, such as Jeffrey Skilling, whose narrow focus brought down Enron, he provides a simple blueprint of six skills — a developed moral compass, a prepared mind, an intellectual thread, an integrated network, contextual intelligence, and transferable skills — that will enable personal and professional success. Taken together, these dimensions enable us to build our lives as mosaics, full of purpose, meaning, happiness, and success

About the Author

Nick Lovegrove is the US Managing Partner of the Brunswick Group, a global corporate advisory firm. He spent more than 30 years at McKinsey & Company, primarily in London and Washington, DC At various times, he led McKinsey’s Global Media Practice, its Global Public Sector Practice, and its Washington office. He served as an independent advisor to the British Prime Minister’s strategy unit, and as a member of the board of directors for the Royal Shakespeare Company and TeachFirst. Since leaving McKinsey in 2012, he has been a senior director at the Albright Stonebridge Group; a senior fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government; a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution; and a visiting lecturer at the Blavatnik School of Government. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and four children.