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The Good News Club

The Good News Club

The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children
December 2018
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Trade Paperback · 304 Pages
$15.99 U.S. · $20.99 CAN · £17.99 U.K. · €12.99 E.U.
ISBN 9781610392198


In 2009, the Good News Club came to the public elementary school where journalist Katherine Stewart sent her children. The Club, which is sponsored by the Child Evangelism Fellowship, bills itself as an after-school program of ?Bible study.? But Stewart soon discovered that the Club's real mission is to convert children to fundamentalist Christianity and encourage them to proselytize to their ?unchurched? peers, all the while promoting the natural but false impression among the children that its activities are endorsed by the school.

Astonished to discover that the U.S. Supreme Court has deemed this'and other forms of religious activity in public schools'legal, Stewart set off on an investigative journey to dozens of cities and towns across the nation to document the impact. In this book she demonstrates that there is more religion in America's public schools today than there has been for the past 100 years. The movement driving this agenda is stealthy. It is aggressive. It has our children in its sights. And its ultimate aim is to destroy the system of public education as we know it.

About the Author

Katherine Stewart is a journalist whose work has appeared in Newsweek International, Marie Claire, the Times (London), the New York Times, the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, and many other publications. She has published two novels and was the coauthor of Rent by Jonathan Larsen, the book about the musical Rent. She and her family recently moved from Santa Barbara, California, to New York City.